The Good Morning Project Utility

The days of artwork alone driving an NFT project are gone. The Good Morning Projects aim is to create one of the strongest communities and positive vibes in the web3 space, because #WAGMI. To do this we need to start our days with a #Gm and what better way to do that then with a good cup of #Gm coffee!

Like many others around the world, The Good Morning Project can't start our day without our precious coffee. Our goal is to help you have a good morning with one cup of coffee at a time.

The Good Morning Project Utility

The Good Morning Project's coffee is ethically sourced and sustainably delivered to your door step using only recycled packaging. Our coffee is sourced all throughout the world using only fair trade beans roasted in Ireland to bring a flavoursome cup of coffee to your home.

*Please note some aspects of the roadmap and utility is dependent on our project fully selling out, more importantly the latter stages of the project ie Sage Espresso and Trip Giveaway.
*Shipping of GMP Coffee is only eligible for Europe and N. A., any questions regarding coffee or utility then please contact The Good Morning Project at

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