The Good Morning Project

Whether your a morning person or not, we're here to help you have a good one starting each day with a #Gm

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The Good Morning Project

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The Good Morning Project

Real World Utility

What's a utility if you can't physically enjoy it? The Good Morning Project will help you have a good morning each and every day with our award winning coffee.


You can't have a good morning unless your starting your day with #Gm threads, keep cups, and more!

good Morning nft

GM 2.0

As we collectively come together each morning to wish everyone a #Gm, why not close out each day with a #Gn?

To find out more information about The Good Morning Project's utility, please click here: Utility
Good morning project nft

community-driven misson

Our goal is to start everyday with a #Gm but more importantly unlocking conversations, connecting with other projects and artist to continually bring positivity to your day.

The Good Morning Project's aim is to have one of the strongest relationship within Web3 which can only be done through openness, collective thinking and having a #WAGMI mindset.

5,555 #Gm's to brighten your day

#Gm Project Roadmap

Phase 1


-Map out artwork, traits, illustrations
-Complete logic code in PHP and write image-magick assembly code to produce 5,555 unique #Gm's and metadata

The Good Morning Project

Phase 3

coming soon

-Create royalty pool for future projects and charity
-Set up discord
-Community building

The good morning proiect

Phase 5

coming soon

Merchandise and swag to show everyone your having a #GM

But did you say #Gn? #Gm 2.0 to kick off

The good morning project
good morning nft

Phase 2

coming soon

Smart contract ERC 721A
Build web2/3 interactive website
On-going community building

Phase 4

coming soon

Role out real world utility that #gm holders can enjoy each and every morning. Hint: Do you have it with milk, sugar or as is?

The Good Morning Project Team

the good morning project


Founder & Creative director

10+ years working for globally renowned brands such a Guinness, White Claw and many more. Brent now takes his brand building experience to the #web3 space and wants you to have a #gm everyday!

good Morning nft

Love Fist

Chief Vibe Master

When Love Fist isn't throwing someone in a BJJ arm bar he's bringing the #Gm vibes everywhere he goes. Fisty prides himself on building web3 communities through good vibes and having 1-1 conversations.

the good morning project


Design lead

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Frequently asked questions

Here to answer all your questions you might have about the Good Morning Project

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